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I’ve always enjoyed the movement of paint and consequently, the richness of color. Having studied with David Leffel in the late 70’s, the objects of simple form in the field of even simpler dark atmosphere has been a carefully considered influence. The less labored a picture and the simpler the abstraction, the more elegant the final image, surface and composure. Then, having seen the small work of Robert Kulicke concurrently, with the absolutely opposite lightness of tone but similar structure of arriving at the same finish, my interest was provoked for exploring either value, dark or light. You’d think after finding Giorgio Morandi and Pierre Alechinsky it all might have been more than enough to end the influential skid towards other’s art. Oh, but no. . . . then, Mr. Manet, Fairfield Porter and Richard Diebenkorn. Pinkham Ryder, Arthur Dove, Milton Avery…. Alas, on and on I guess. Other’s art is never unconsidered or absent from what we, as artists, do. The past always keeps our awe of others work alive and the politics of others paint in our heart …. but we can make it happen of our own hand, unique and original . . . just as those others would expect of us.

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