John Krifka - artist
tyrant soarist wreckssquirreling dervishshark as attackelephantsgeraldcuss from the same slothoystrichowlfrescodog gaze after nudemen of that elkcat got you stungherd on the streethippo potty misspanda moaning om run a fowl off the lawnanti topertoadal recoillats of the red hot lobsterprehistoric aunt eater
A collection of humorous drawings, each with vibrant color and simple line gesture illustrating a quirky visual expression of a yet quirkier misspoken idiom, word, name, or cultural reference. Just the fun of nonsense, a catchy group of themed pictures - the relationship being the theme’s title, my invented word to describe this pairing of animals with appropriate misspeak - ‘animalaprops’.

More than limited to traditional illustrations of only dogs and cats schticking about, here any animal can be fair game to the animalaproper. This is caging a whole zoo, past and present, with the clever misapplication of words, all together in the same little colorful volume of my own one-liners.

Surely fun to look at. And simply, all together, a clever gaggle, with that generic smiler of a picture type making it sure sport. Lewis Carroll and Leo Gorcey sharing a box of animal crackers with Peter Max. They might be either straightforward, simple word misspellings, such as ‘oystrich’, ‘antiloper’, and ‘owlfresco’ or longer gaffs meant as turns on idiomatic phases, as ‘men of that elk’, ‘cuss from the same sloth’, ‘dog gaze after nude’ and ‘shark as attack’. Some engage more inventive, ridiculous associations like ‘toadal recoil’, ‘squirreling dervish’, ‘knows hare’ and ‘elephantsgerald’ or make new nonsense meaning from what had originally been one single name or an unrelated word, such as ‘panda moaning om’, ‘hippo potty miss’ or ‘tyrant soarist wrecks’. I’ve done 100+ to date, while continuing to add to that number as new word associations form.