John Krifka - artist
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drawing as painting
An important part of all the pieces shown here is the drawing which I like to do, as painting, but also as drawing, through the developing picture.

This has sometimes literally taken the form of preparing a loose brushed line effort first, painted linearly on the surface, allowed to exaggerate the image in a cartoon or vignette manner as I may (what I like to think of as ‘drawing as painting’). The lines might run over, around or behind other lines or shapes, be the shapes, or divide the shapes as non-shapes. Advancing the seen is disturbed by the addition of the un-scene. Nothing has to be all that real. Painting is not real, it is all an abstraction.

The drawing as painting is clearly a more graphical surface representation, where that of painting as drawing is more traditional to a painterly surface. I will do either, as I’m inclined, having no difficulty with the difference of each design as what may or may not be important to how my desire for either image makes that particular picture complete.